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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are are four supernatural entities in Sleepy Hollow, summoned by Moloch, so as to bring about the apocalypse.

They are partially represented by four white trees and were written in the Book of Revelations, representing conquest, war, famine and death, riding atop horses that were black, red, pale and white, respectively. All four have appeared in the dream sequence of Ichabod Crane where he is tasked by his wife, Katrina Crane, to stop them from bringing about the Apocalypse. Towards the end of the first season, it has been revealed that each of the horsemen were once mortal men that have sold their souls over to Moloch, who remade them into what they currently are. Excluding Death, the other three horsemen still possess their heads, and by the time of the season finale, only Death and War have made full appearances.

According to Moloch in "The Akeda", there is not a set person for each Horseman, as there had been Horsemen before Henry became War, and he claimed there would be replacements after him.

List of Horsemen

  • Death
    • Human Identity: Abraham Van Brunt
    • Horse: White with red eyes
    • Symbol: Bow with an arrow
    • Weapon/s: Broadax (reforged), throwing ax, Mossberg 500 shotgun, Glock 17 pistol, Colt M4A1 carbine, sword, knife
    • Form: Hessian Redcoat
  • War
    • Human Identity: Jeremy Crane (formerly)
    • Alias: Henry Parrish
    • Horse: Red with flaming eyes and nostrils
    • Symbol: Fire
    • Weapon/s: Sword of fire
    • Form: Suit of Armor (or Knight)
  • Conquest/Pestilence
    • Horse: Black with red eyes
    • Symbol: 
    • Weapon/s: Bow and arrow, plague spreading
    • Form: Samurai (or Hun)
  • Famine
    • Horse: Pale with red eyes
    • Symbol: 
    • Weapon/s: Staff (or Spear or Scythe)
    • Form: Cloaked (or Hooded)

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