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Four Devils of Garaden

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Four Devils of Garaden

The Four Devils of Garaden, also known as the Big Four, are the 4 main servants of Bagular and villains in Bomberman Hero.


  • Endol, an electric catfish who fights Bomberman on Planet Bomber
  • Baruda, a giant bird, Endol's younger brother and first pupil, who fights Bomberman on Primus Star
  • Bolban, a sphinx-like creature who turns Pibot to stone and fights Bomberman on Kanatia Star
  • Natia, a humanoid cat who fights Bomberman with her pet, Cronus (Bomberman), on Mazone Star

All four of them, along with Cronus, were killed by Bomberman but were restored to life by Bagular after he was revived by Nitros. Bomberman fought all of them again on Garaden Star and destroyed them all again, this time for good. In the process, Nitros was freed from Garaden's control, and after defeating Natia, Bomberman fought Bagular and destroyed him once again.