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The Devas prepare to pound Saki.

The four devas are villains from the 1991 anime movie Sukeban Deka. They are the bodyguards of the main villain Ayumi Mizuchi. They are four violent male students at Takanoah High school.

One wields a sword. He is the leader. Another has brass knuckles. He is the brute of the group.

The third has a bike chain. He does some talking. The fourth is the smallest and seemingly youngest. He wields nunchucks. He tends to be the most psychotic. None of their names are mentioned in the anime. But they have a important role serving opposition to Saki Asamiya the main protagonist. They savagely beat her in the first episode. They also assist their boss Ayumi in drug deals. The one who does the most talking is the one with the wooden sword. He seems to be closest to Ayumi always tipping her off about what is going on.


Leader of the Devas

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