Four Devas is a demonic organization and the main antagonist group of the video-game, God Hand.

Angra (Founder)

Angra is a powerful fallen angel who actually is Satan himself, Angra was defeated by the previous owner of the God Hands and was sent to hell forever until the Four Devas arrived.


Founded by the demonic deity Angra, all members ultimately answers to him.

Belze (Leader)

Belze is a powerful demon based on or probably Beelzebub himself, he is the leader of the Four Devas and the most loyal servant of Angra. Belze has his regular demonic human form of an old man and his true form, identical to Beelzebub.

Azel AKA Devil Hand (Right-Hand)

Devil Hand is the most powerful member of the Four Devas, he is the exact opposite of Gene AKA GodHand. Azel was a member of The Clan, but betrayed them in order to get the God Hand. His relationship with the Four Devas is very mysterious, he seems to deslike them.

Elvis (Enforcer)

Elvis is the brute force of the group, he is the very first Deva that Gene faces. Elvis speaks in a cuban accent and smokes everytime, Gene battles him three times in the game, his appearance in the third and final battle changes to his true form, a disturbing, giant, and fat demon-like creature.

Shannon (Magician)

Shannon is the only female and the weakest member of the Four Devas, she is a vicious succubus-like demon that tries to turn Gene into her own pet. Shannon uses a magic staff in battle, the staff can summon projectiles, turn Gene into puppy and melee ranged-combat. Her true form is a horrendous one-eyed giant creature.



  • Despite being the leader, Belze is way weaker than Azel.