Four-handed Cockroach is the minor villain of Oggy and Cockroaches: The Movie. He is a nameless cockroach who appears in the third part of the film - in the Victorian Story. Alzthough he isn't biologiclly related to the original trio of the cockroaches - Joey, Marky and Dee Dee - his role in the movie is very important for the story.

Oggy and Cockroaches: The Movie

In the Victorian Story, Joey is planning to murder Queen Victoria by let the bomb blow up in Elizabeth Tower at New Year Eve, so the enormous clock will fall on her head. Except his minions Marky and Dee Dee who are well known by police, he needs also someone another. That's why he hires the Four-handed Cockroach.

After Marky and Dee steal the key from the bomb, Joey creats its copy from chocolate and gives it to the Four-handed Cockroach with instructions what to do next. The Four-handed Cockroach asks Sherlock Holmes (aka Jack) and Dr. Watson (aka Oggy) to meet and while talking, he steals Sherlock's yo-yo from his pocket and replaces it with the chocolate key.

Later, Sherlock accuses the three cockroaches of stealing the key and they are arrested and imprisoned in Tower. That night, the trio leaves their cell, steals the bomb from Tower and gives it to the Four-handed Cockroach who hides it in Elizabeth Tower. The trio then returns to their cell.

In the morning, the commissar Bob the Bulldog finds out the bomb is gone. When he finds Sherlock's yoyo there, he immediately arrests him and the trio is released.

Since that, the Four-handed Cockroach hasn't appear in the story.