Fouchet is the main antagonist in the 1995 film Bad Boys.

He is portrayed by Tchéky Karyo, who also portrays Inspector Richard.

Role in film

Fouchet is a French drug kingpin who runs his drug cartel in Miami, Florida. One night, he and his gang plotted to steal thousands of dollars in heroin from the evidence room in the Miami Police Department Building. First, in order to lure any attention away from the police, has one of his men dressed as a police officer shot to death (staging it as a suicide).

Then they break into the building and, through ingenious methods, use the vents as a passage way for their sliding wagon to store all the bags of heroin, while also taking out a security guard. Fouchet and his crew manage to escape with the heroin leaving no trace of heroin behind.

The next day, Fouchet and some of his men visited the "Al Capone Suite" and spotted an ex-hooker named Max, who was Detective Mike Lowrey's informant, with Eddie Dominguez, a crooked cop. Fouchet and his posse killed her when he found out that Max was working with the police and left Eddie to die as well. Her best friend Julie saw the whole thing and Fouchet's men went after her. When they failed to kill her, he told them to find out where she lives, resulting in a close call where Detective Marcus Burnett rescued her in the nick of time.

Fouchet is hiding his drugs of heroin inside barrels of Ether in a delivery van and

He has an important drug deal with a powerful drug lord, and sells his drugs to him. But just as the deal goes down, Lowrey, Burnett, and the rest of the police arrive to stop it, prompting Fouchet to kill the drug lord.

After shooting Lowrey and Burnett, Fouchet makes a run for it in his car and speeds away from the burning airport hangar. But the cops are not too far behind him, and catch up, with Burnett sidetracking and forcing Fouchet to crash his car near the wall that separates the runway. Having sustained an injury in the crash, he tries to run away, but Lowrey shoots him in the leg and brings him down. He also wants to kill him for what happened to Max, with Fouchet goading him to, but his partner tells him to "step off".

Although unconscious, Fouchet is not finished yet and pulls out a hidden handgun attempting to shoot Burnett for revenge. But Lowrey notices the gun's light reflection on his partner's face and pulls his gun out shooting Fouchet to death.