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Forrest Blackwell is the main Antagonist of the video game LEGO City Undercover and a minor villian in the video game LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins.

His plan is similiar to Hugo Drax's plan to make mankind (or in this case, LEGO-kind) live in space and destroy the world.


Blackwell's desire to build an apartment block with a shopping mall went unfulfilled after the public denied authorization to build it following the discovery of a rare squirrel in the area. This drove Blackwell mad, and he resolved to try to build a space colony on the moon, while also having Kidnapped Natalia kawalski. At the end of the game, Chase sets a destination for Blackwell's Spaceship to LEGO City. Blackwell appears and tells Chase of his plan. Blackwell then summons Rex to kill Chase with a T-Rex that Cahse stole from the museum earlier. Chase, however defeats Fury by throwing him into the ship's energy tanks, causing a self destruct program. Angered, Blackwell fires rex and takes Natalia with him and leaving Chase and Rex to die, only for both of them to survive. After a battle between Rex and Chase, Blackwell interrupts and tells Chase that he will have his revenge before getting hit by a cow, sending him deep into space. His fate remains unknown, whether he suffocated in space or survived.


  • Like Frank Honey, Forrest Blackwell pronounces "computer" as "compuper".
  • He has a British accent.
  • According to LEGO City Undercover, he owns the 10211 Grand Emporium.
  • He don't love the nature, because he try to destroy the Bluebell Woods in LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins.
  • He is similar to the Charles Muntz from Up.

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