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Stand in my way, and you will die
~ Kyoichiro recurring quote

The "Former Crimson King" (real name: Kyoichiro Mibu) is the main antagonist of the Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga series. He was the first Red Cross Knight who was able to take over the throne of Mibu Kyôsaburô.


Normally he showed to be as benevolent, calm and mysterious King who loves his clan and children, which he is happy to play with, like the First Crimson King.

Later with time he was informed about the wars and the acts of the humans, he quickly begun to dislike them and their nature and contorted love of violence and destruction, this hate will lead him to enact a plan with the Sendai Aka no Ou to exterminate all the humans on the planet and create a new race more perfect and stronger than the previous one.

Powers and Abilities

Kyoichiro is considered as the second strongest character in the series, second only to the First Crimson King.

He has superhuman characteristics and is a master swordsman, his red eyes when activated gives him a boost of his stats and his killing intent, he has also several special abilities useful in several situations and are able to cut the opponent into little pieces.



  • Kyoichiro's final goal is extremely similar to that of the Director Kakuzawa, the main antagonist of the Elfen Lied series.

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