The Forgotten God

The Forgotten God.

The Forgotten God is the true antagonist of Overlord: Raising Hell.

He is the evil behind the Abysses that have taken hold of the land, using these hell-dimensions the Forgotten God put in place a plan to punish all fallen heroes and mortals in general so that he could be remembered, having been cursed in the past by his wife the Mother Goddess into being forgotten due to him cheating on her with another woman.

To a god, being forgotten is worse than death and thus the Forgotten God became a demonic figure intent on making every living thing suffer as much as he did and hoped that with every death and suffering the mortal world would learn his name once more.

The Forgotten God was apparently quite malevolent even when he was worshipped as he not only cheated on his own wife but he also claimed to have been greatly feared and wanted that fear once more.