Forever is one of the mercenaries hired by Dio Brando and a villain in the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Forever is a big orangutan who is the captain (and the only crew member) of a huge freighter ship named “Big Daddy”. He attacks Jotaro's group in the South China Sea, after they escaped from the ship of the Fake Captain Tennille, by “inviting” them to his ship. They all look around the ship for the crew members, but only find the orangutan inside a cage. A stowaway girl who was with them sees the orangutan reading a porn magazine, which is strange for a ape. Suddenly, the ship starts attacking the sailors. The girl, while taking a shower, notices the orangutan peeking on her, but Jotaro attacks him from behind, as he notices that not only the orangutan is intelligent, but he is also a stand user, the ship itself being his stand. Forever attacks Jotaro by making pieces of the ship fly towards him, trapping him in the wall. Jotaro then picks a button of his jacket and drops it. As Forever picks it, Jotaro uses the finger of his stand to shot the button, which hits Forever's head. The orangutan then show his belly, as a sign that he gives up, but Jotaro punches him into oblivion, making the ship sink and forcing everyone to leave the same way they entered the ship.

Powers and Abilities

Forever's stand, Strength, takes the form of a huge freighter ship. He controls every aspect of the ship, being able to walk through the walls, and to even control all parts of the ship at will, making them move or to fly towards a target.



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