A place in heaven awaits those who serve the wolf!
~ One of the Followers of Romulus.

The Followers of Romulus, also known as Secta Luporum and the Sect of the Wolves, are a cult that appear in the video game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. They were adherents of Romulus, the mythical founder of Rome, whom they worshipped as a god.

According to legend, Romulus and his brother Remus were raised by a wolf, and as a result, they were said to be half wolf and half man. In tribute to this, the Followers' attire included a skinned wolf pelt.

The Followers of Romulus were portrayed as powerfully built, rather brutish men covered in wolfskin pelts, who attacked viciously in large packs. They were armed with various short blades and throwing knives, and tended to growl and snarl when in a fight. Once killed, and often before attacking, they howled in imitation of a wolf.

The leaders of the sect were paid by the Borgia to manipulate the Followers into doing their bidding, and would often do so through carefully scripted "sermons", and evocations of their god. The Followers themselves were mainly used to cause fear in the civilians, and send them into the arms of the Catholic Church. Later orders included having them specifically target the Borgia's enemies, the Assassins.

However, the masses of the Followers were misguided, with their leaders commanding them in the name of Romulus, despite not believing in his mystical existence themselves.



  • In certain art (their Database image), the Followers were depicted with a heavy weapon or a pair of short blades. In-game however, they used only a single short blade.
  • The Followers were relatively weak opponents, and could only perform slight damage to a single block of Ezio's health, rather than removing the block entirely. They also possessed one of the weakest resistances in the game.
  • The Followers often used throwing knives before directly attacking, had unique death cries, and displayed unique attack animations.
  • In the Collector's Edition of the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Complete Official Guide, the Followers of Romulus were labelled Wolfmen.
  • They were referred to as the Sons of Remus in the novelization of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.