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Fnord is the main antagonist in the video game Peggle Blast. Throughout the game he does annoying things to make the game harder.

Peggle Blast

Starting at level 9 he apears but seems that he dosen't do anything but occasinally apear. Later he takes away the free ball bucket which gave him his true rank as a villain but it was brought back by Bjorn. Later he gets his revenge by trying to shut down Bjorns's teaching for good but failed. On the last level of each stage he battles you in a Peggle duel. He also can "shuffle" the levels which changes the places of the pegs, making it much harder.

Starting at level 180, he says that he changed his mind and uses player to reach level 195, third battle. When Fnord reaches that place, he says that he used the player and steal the crytal heart peg, showing he was always a villian after all.


  • He is the only villain so far in the Peggle franchise
  • he is Bjorn's brother
  • he is most likely half blind and must have had something must of had some damage to his left eye due to his eye patch and notch in his left ear

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