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What I tell yall about coming in my shed?!
~ Fluttershy

A parody of Fluttershy in the 6 episode-long video series PONY.MOV by depicting crude adult-parody versions of the normally good-natured main characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (drawn in a Ren and Stimpy style artwork with grotesque South Park style humor).


In the video, Spike, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie went to find Fluttershy, and decide to start with looking in her shed, despite clear warnings not to in the past by her. When they enter, they discover that the room is decorated by de-skined and gored animals, though Spike is more concerned by a box full of pornography. Pinkie Pie criticized it as weird art, with Rainbow Dash retorting because Fluttershy was "Some quiet bitch who spends all her time in the woods with small woodland creatures", with Pinkie agreeing stupidly and calling Fluttershy a freak.

To Spike's horror, he discovers that Derpy has been killed and made into a toaster cozy. Fluttershy came in, got their attention with a scary-like version of "Hey, hey, hey" (a running joke based on Fat Albert), the group turns to Fluttershy, who is making a creepy face, then begins to turn monstrous, pulling out a chainsaw, while shouting "What did I tell y'all about coming in my SHED?!", to the unamusedment and nonchalant responds of Spike, stating that "[they're] fucked". Fluttershy then somehow briefly got fingers (most likely for comedic effect), snapped them, and ordered the corpse decorations to sing, which started to play their rib-cages like Xylophones, then Fluttershy sings the song that parodies the Fat Albert intro theme, (due to having a voice similar to the said character as a parody of episode 9 of the real MLP:FiM where Zecora cursed Fluttershy to have a deep voice), with Pinkie Pie and Spike deserting Rainbow Dash to be captured by Fluttershy while she is still singing, Fluttershy advises Rainbow Dash to sit back, and relax, while, in a demonic voice, she eats her brains.

Fluttershy begins to kill Rainbow Dash as the psychotic Fat Albert Parodied song begins to climaxes with the dead creatures (and the Derpy decorative toaster cozy) repeating "NA, NA, NA, GONNA EAT YOUR BRAINS". By the time the song ends, the police showed up, (presumed informed by Pinkie Pie and Spike) busted in, demanding to be informed what is going on! Fluttershy, now making the face of her real show form, became nervous and tried to say it isn't what it looks like, but the deceased Rainbow Dash and all the dead critter decorations, the Derpy toaster included, were overwhelming, and Fluttershy was arrested, and sentenced to a psychiatric hospital, having been muzzled and straight-jacketed.

thumb|300px|rightAlthough clearly a psychotic villain, her murder of Rainbow Dash may be somewhat justified, as revealed in the flashbacks (of which were ignored by Spike) that Fluttershy was beaten by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie in the parody and insulted her in the mists, and in the ending part, Fluttershy became Prom Queen, excited that she'll like herself, but was ruined by a prank involving blood which Rainbow Dash claimed it was her period (the scene being a direct parody of the iconic Carrie movie, in which the titular character is drenched in pig's blood by abusive bullies) and Spike caused the audience to laughed as her, to her pain and misery. Although, even dispite the abuse from the crueler versons of the much more friendlier Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, judging from her past victims, she may had been at it for awhile. She may had also have been a cannibal, giving that she shouted to Rainbow Dash "WHILE I EAT YOUR BRAINS!"

Also Rainbow Dash herself was depicted in this series as a consistantly vulgar and monstrous individual herself, making it hard for most to really sympathize with her demise.

Fluttershy returns in videos made for brony con trying to welcome the bronies, but Spike and Pinkie came in and acted very disrepectful, annoying Fluttershy (and also complaining about B.O., the Bronie's lifesytile, and the fact some bronies tend to be attracted to the fictional characters of MLP:FIM, thus ridiculing them), forcing Fluttershy to scare them off with her somehow having a chiansaw appearing out of nowhere (this parody is not famous for having logic) and finding it humorious that those two became scared.



  • In the Meme, everyone named her Fluttershed (Like when Fluttershy said "Stay outta my SHED")
  • Aside from being a parody of Fluttershy, she is also a combined parody of horror icons Leatherface, Carrie White, Hannibal Lecter & Jason Voorhees.
  • Her only song is Gonna Eatcha Brains.
  • In the Seven Deadly Sins, she is the sin of Wrath.
  • Fluttershy was thought to be the main antagonist because she brutally murdered Rainbow Dash, however, she reformed in SWAG.MOV and the true main villain took her place.