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Fluttershy is a monster in a now famous Amnesia mod known as the Small Horse - which made heavy use of internet memes and surreal humor as well as more traditional Amnesia-style horror: Fluttershy's level being one of the more disturbing and horror-based of the game.

When first encountered Fluttershy is much like her normal self and wishes for the player to save Angel the rabbit from a horrific maze - which one does and gives the rabbit back to her.

However as soon as one leaves things go horribly wrong as a ghostly voice calls on them, begging them not to leave - turning back will reveal a monstrous Fluttershy in the corridor who will pursue the player demanding that they stay with her, the only option is to flee up a staircase in order to free oneself from the demon.


in-game picture from the famous PewDiePie playthrough

The game was made even more infamous due to Youtube videos of people playing the game, amongst the most popular being PewDiePie - who did a "Let's Play" of the game and famously freaked out upon being pursued by the demonic Fluttershy.

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