Fluke is the nickname given by fans of General Hospital for the hidden head of the Jerome Crime Family, who is currently disguised and/or posing as Luke Spencer. After having watched Luke for years, Fluke waited until Luke was abducted and locked in the mental institution MisCaviage before he switched places with Luke and took over his life while leaving the real Luke trapped. He forces Julian Jerome to stay in the business after deciding to leave and then forces him to name Ric Lansing as a scapegoat so that Fluke will remain untouched and continue to work under the radar without being figured out. Fans speculate that he is really Luke's identical cousin Bill Eckert having returned from the dead somehow. On February 6, 2015 however, it was revealed that he was the real Luke all along, though he is actually an alternate personality of Luke's mind. On April 7, 2015, it is suggested that Luke subconsciously created Fluke to be like his abusive father Tim.

He is played by Anthony Geary, who also plays Luke, Bill and Tim.