Flucifer, also known as the Dark One, is the final boss in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. 

He is an ancient demon that awakens when an unaware Gluttonella plays Don Clawleone 's flute just for fun. He proceeds to possess the plobfather and gets into a giant dragon-like machine (that may be the embodiment of Flucifer itself) that the heroes must bring down to restore peace.

After Don Clawleone been possesed by Flucifer, he emerges as a giant mechanical dragon. Slival offers to help with the Schwarzman Tank but they are quickly brought down by the war machine's inmense power, with Crackpot's help they awaken the hidden power within Mt. Crackatoa to fuse their tanks into the mighty Gott Schliemen. They fly to the monster's location for one final showdown in the sky.



  • His name is a pun on flute, like the instrument used to summon it and the name Lucifer which is the name of The Devil.
  • Flucifer's resurrection was not really Clawleone's intention, he got the flute for his girlfriend and he was actually scared when the princess played it.
  • Flucifer is one of the few monsters that has never appeared on any DQ Monsters game so far.