Floyd and Jolene are twin gators who serve as the main antagonists in the animated series, Kissyfur. Their goal is to simply capture the youth of Paddlecab County so they can feast upon them. Thankfully, their attempts are often foiled by Kissyfur's father Gus or the children themselves fighting back. Nonetheless, they're determined.


While both are generally bumbling and incompetent, Jolene typically is the one who formulates the plans and plots. Floyd usually goes along with them, but will often be on the receiving end of Jolene's rage when the plans go awry. And yet, the two of them show a level of determination at their goal to capture and devour Kissyfur and his associates despite repeated failures. In fact, their motivation may be one of seeking vengeance against Gus as well. Nevertheless, they are determined and tenacious.

There is also a running gag where Jolene attempts to keep her red wig on and will become incredibly infuriated if it is torn/taken off by any means. Despite this, she often uses the wig to beat up Floyd when he fails.

In the SeriesEdit

As aforementioned, the two repeatedly attempt to entrap the youth of the area, including the titular Kissyfur, with the intent of devouring them. In one such instance "The Lady is a Chump", Jolene had Floyd dress as a fake bear woman pretending to act as a new nanny for Kissyfur and the children. They initially fool everyone to an extent due to the well-crafted costume (despite Floyd's obviously falsetto impression and terrible cooking). They revealed themselves with their usual intent, trapping the children in a cage, but were foiled.

In the episode "The Birds and the Bears", Floyd and Jolene arguably cross the Moral Event Horizon when they steal Gus' paddlecab and lead him into a quicksand trap, leaving him for dead. Using his paddlecab, they deceive the children into boarding, thereby entrapping them. Unfortunately for them, this attempt is foiled when Kissyfur and his friends manage to free his father, giving Gus the chance to once again put Floyd and Jolene in their place.