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Flower Children are henchwomen of Poison Ivy in Batman: The Brave and Bold.


The Mask of Matches Malone

When Batman was captured, two henchwomen brought him to Poison Ivy. When she ordered to kill Batman, two Flower Children took Batman to Georgia, big flower-eater. Suddenly, Poison Ivy became suprised when she knew that one of her henchwomen is super-heroine Black Orchid, who were working with Batman. In angryness, Poison Ivy ordered Flower Children to kill Black Orchid. During battle, other two henchwomen hurled Batman in the mouth of Georgia, but it was blowed up by Batman's grenade. Then he jumped out and punched them. During that, other Flower Children were shooting in Black Orchid from guns with bullets, which later transform in roots, but they failed in their shooting, so all Flower Children were defeated, then their master.


All Flower Children are women. They are wearing in green clothes, which look like grass. Som of them are wearing flowers also. All Flower Children have diiferent styles of hair and different color.


  1. Root spears
  2. Spore guns


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