Florianne de Chalons

Florianne de Chalons is a Villainess from Dragon Age: Inquisition and the Grand Duchess of Orlais. She's a sister of Gaspard de Chalons, cousin of Celene Valmont and an agent working for Corypheus.


She arrange the peace talks in order to assassinate the empress and framing her brother she then meats The Inquisitor and dances with them and deceived the Inquisitor into a trap.

When the Inquisitor enters Florianne shows up and revealed that she made a deal with Corypheus, believing that Corypheus would give her the entire world to rule once Corypheus goes to the Black City and ascends to godhood and she leaves Inquisitor to fight Demons and Venatori until she goes to the ballroom to assassinate the empress however the Inquisitor survives the ambush and can deal with Florianne in whatever method.

  • The Inquisitor will expose Florianne with the help of 85+ court approval before detaining or executing her.
  • Wait for her to kill Celene resulting in her death and a battle with Florianne.
  • Openly attack her thus saving Celene and fighting Florianne.

Weather alive or dead she will be judge by the Inquisitor.

If She is Alive

  • The Inquisitor can make her into the Jester of the Inquisition and will show up in the throne room randomly.
  • She may also be exiled, made to work with peasants, or forcibly encloistered in an Andrastian convent.
  • Alternatively, she can be pardoned and recruited as an Agent for the Inquisiton, a duty she fulfils faithfully (at least for the time being). Predictably, most companions disapprove of this option.

If She is Dead

  • Her remains will be assigned as an Agent despite being dead.