Rüdiger, du bringst mich noch ins Grab!
~ Florentine's famous line

Florentine Böllemann is one of the five main antagonists in the German comedy movie “Didi und die Rache der Enterbten“. She's a waitress in a restaurant who married a hoover salesman called Rüdiger who's mobbed by her. She's known for her line: “Rüdiger, du bringst mich noch ins Grab!“ (english: Rüdiger, I'll get into the grave because of you!). Like the other four antagonists, she's disinherited by her uncle Gustav Böllemann, who bequeathes his wealth to a related gravedigger called Didi Dödel. Manipulated with the sentence that dead people can't inherit any more by the attorney Dr. Prätorius, she plans to kill Didi so she and the other three inheritors (the fifth one, Titus, suffocated because of an ananas) can share the money among them. Ironically, she misses a chance to kill him when Didi walks across the street and she warns the driver of the taxi she and Rüdiger sit in. When Florentine asks Rüdiger to set Didi's shower under current and says again: “Rüdiger, du bringst mich noch ins Grab!“. Rüdiger agrees, puts one end of the cable into her hand and tacks the other end to the power point. Cause of the 5000 volt, she's killed. Rüdiger himself gets shot by Emilio Böllemann who believes him to be Didi.


  • Florentine was played by Dieter Hallervorden, like every antagonist except Dr. Prätorius