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Florent L'Belle
Night night, alderman... Sweet dreams!
~ Florent L'Belle seconds before murdering Rex Kyubi
Florent L'Belle is a minor antagonist in the video game; Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, but the main antagonist in the case; The Monstrous Turnabout. He's a flamboyant and narcissistic individual who serves as the aid of Mayor Damian Tenma. He is also the one responsible for the murder of Rex Kyubi.


Florent L' Belle created his own series of cosmetics called Je Suis L'Belle. However, due to extreme narcissim, after announcing and making contracts, he regreted to actually sell the products, racking a huge debt. He heard of the Tenma Taro - A gold ingot at Nine Tails Manor. However, Tenma Taro was also the name of a Yokai rumored that looking at him and telling anyone would steal their soul. L'Belle used this - He drugged Rex Kyubi and Damian Tenma while dressed as Tenma Taro, to eliminate any witnesses. He then opened the chamber only to find that the treasure was already stolen. When he came out, he hit Damian with a Fox and Demon statue to make it look like Rex tried to resist the attack.


As L'Belle was backed into a corner, he kept spraying himself with cologne to calm his nerves. He kept spraying a puff of yellow smoke covers his entire face. When the smoke cleared out, L'Belle's makeup comes off revealing his real face; a middle-aged man with graying hair, and multiple wrinkles. Just then, the phones on his shoulders began to ring excessively. The phone indicate that various contracts have been pulled or cancelled. One call in particular is telling L'Belle that he's being charged with severe damage to the ozone because of all the cologne he was using. He was told that he was charged $100,000,000. After which, Florent L'Belle was arrested for the murder of Rex Kyubi.

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