The Floral Wreath Killers were minor villains in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. They were a pair of criminals who murdered their victims then stole their possessions.

The Floral Wreath Killers have murdered over 20 victims and the Judges don't have any leads on them. The population of Mega-City One were gripped in fear of the killers and started to lose their faith in the Judges finding the killers. After another victim's corpse was discovered, Dredd goes back to Justice H.Q. and uses M.A.C. (Macro-Analysis Computer) to find any leads on the killers. Dredd then figures out they were using ambulance 4-2X to avoid suspicion and then proceeds to search for the ambulance. The killers were about to rob and kill a man until they notice Dredd heading for their location, so one of the killers swaps clothes with the man and when Dredd arrives, the other killers pretends that his brother was injured and the other killer attempted to sneak behind Dredd but Dredd strikes him and the chopping knife then stabs one of the killers in the face, killing him. The other killer attempts to shoot Dredd with the gun Dredd dropped, but due to it not recognising his DNA, it exploded, killing him and ending their reign of terror.