Florabell, Corabell and Dorabell staring down Larry, Curly and Moe.

Florabell, Corabell and Dorabell are the antagonistic wives of The Three Stooges, Moe, Larry and Curly. They first appeared in the classic 1937 short The Sitter Downers. Moe is married to Dorabell, Larry is married to Florabell and Curly is married to Corabell.

In Sitter Downers, they were proposed to by their sweethearts the Stooges. At first they were delighted and even supported the Stooges when they started a sit down strike when the girls' father refused to let them get married. After they finally did get married, the girls began to show their more darker and controlling side to the Stooges when the three didn't want to be the ones to build a new house.

The wives appeared later on in Dizzy Doctors (this time however only Florabell's actress reprises her role), they and the Stooges are now living in a small, low-class apartment and the Stooges now live as lazy moochers while their wives have jobs and do all the work. Sick and tired of the Stooges' lazyness, the wives order them to get a job or else they will divorce, they then kick the Stooges out of the house while throwing plates and cups at them. After the Stooges' tenure as doctors proved unsuccessful they returned home and went back to their lazy lives. It is likely their wives left them soon after.