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Flora Hernandez was the true central character of the first season of Devious Maids and possibly the Bigger Bad of the first season as she caused the main antagonist, Philippe Delatour, to kill her.

A manipulative, cunning, calculating and downright conniving housemaid, Flora worked for the eccentrically devious couple, Adrian and Evelyn Powell. She became Adrian Powell's mistress after their son died and Adrian had a hobby of selling prostitutes to his friends and Flora was one of them.

She was playing Marisol Suarez' son Eddie, and became his girlfriend, but refused his proposal of marriage and she knew about his drug business and was sleeping with Eddie's drug client, Remi Delatour.

When Remi's father, Philippe, was Flora's client in Adrian's brothel, she found out who he was and tried to stop having sex with him but he raped her. She used this and her pregnancy of the child being Remi's to blackmail him and his lawyer Michael because her plan was to have the child of a rich man and milk him out for everything that he was worth, and even though her friends warned her that she was playing with fire, she didn't listen and still proceeded with the plan.

However, Evelyn stopped her affair with Adrian and she wrote a note, about Philippe raping her but Philippe stabbed her and framed Eddie for the murder.

This caused the arrival of Marisol who wanted to free her son from jail and investigated Flora's murder, unleashing all the Dirty secrets that the rich and powerful hide behind closed doors.


  • Flora was portrayed by Paula Garcés.