Flora Hamilton is the antagonist in the novel Best Friends. Although she isn't completely evil, she makes fun of Gemma and tries to take Gemma's best friend Alice away from her.



Flora is a very beautiful girl who lives in Scotland. She once sees a new girl, Alice, crying at school and asks her what happened. Alice explains her that her mother bans her to write letters to her best friend Gemma who stayed in England. Flora allows Alice to use her e-mail address, so Gemma and she can write e-mail each other. After then, Alice and Flora become friends and they also do ballet together.

Gemma, however, doesn't like Flora very much. Alice is writing about her all the time and says how intelligent and perfect she is. Gemma feels that that new girl wants to take Alice away from her. Unfortunately, Gemma has no choice if she wants to keep in touch with her best friend.

In Alice's birthday, Gemma comes to Scotland to see her. Flora is, however, invited too, much to Gemma's anger. She can't play with Alice all games they used to like, because Flora only wants to chat. Flora soon starts making fun of Gemma's ideas for playing, her attempts to do stepping and when she asks for Pimm's, not knowing it is alcoholic. Thanks Flora, Alice laughs on Gemma, too, making her very sad and furious.

Flora also has no understanding for Gemma's imagination. When Gemma says she has a pony at home, Flora realizes it is only a imaginary pony. She then stands up and pretends to ride a horse in order to stultify Gemma. Flora later refuses to believe Gemma once gave a valuable porcelains doll, as Gemma's family is "terribly poor".

When it is time to cut a birthday cake Gemma baked, Gemma wants to cut alongside with Alice as they do for every birthday. Unfortunately, she chooses a bad way to ask for that and Alice's mother gives a knife to Flora. When Gemma protests and says that Alice and she have to wish something, Flora smiles smugly and tells her that she would wish first; and cuts the cake. That is enough for Gemma who grabs the cake and throws into Flora's face.

Since then, Gemma can't meet Alice anymore and Alice's mother believes her daughter will befriend only Flora. Luckily for Gemma, Alice doesn't like her beautiful friend very much then.