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The Flitchaye were monstrous feral weasels and were secondary antagonists in the Redwall book The Legend of Luke. The Flitchaye were forest dwellers, living just outside Mossflower forest, and the Flitchaye were enemies of the local otter tribe that lived down river. The Flitchaye attacked Martin the Warrior and his friends on the way down river through their wood, and then Martin realized that the Flitchaye had kidnapped Chugger, a young mischevious orphan squirrel. The monstrous Flitchaye were roping Chugger to a roasting pit and were preparing to eat him but Martin stepped in and challenged the Flitchaye leader to a duel of insults. Martin sliced Chugger's ropes and got him out. The Flitchaye were stunned and tried to fight, but the Gousim shrews knocked them out with stones. The rest of the Flitchaye were slain by the otters.

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