You know that everyone in this town hates you?
~ Fleur to her father before shooting him

Fleur Bridges is an antagonist in the Midsomer Murders episode Blood Will Out, she is played by famous actress Honeysuckle Weeks.


Fleur comes from an arrogant rich family who are snobs and elitist socialists. Her father is a pompous bully and often beats her but she puts up with him. Everybody in the town hates Fleur's father, and Fleur knows it, and she is ashamed of him.

Once, Fleur finds her father talking with Inspector Barnaby and sergeant Troy and she spies on the meeting and finds out that her father is up to no good. She barges in on him and tells him that everyone in the place hates him for his arrogance, but he doesn't listen and when she provokes him he gets off his belt to whip her, but she picks up a shotgun he left around and shoots him in the chest and kills him.

This provokes the police into a big investigation of the death because as everyone hated Fleur's father so many people could have killed him. Barnaby begins to suspect Fleur because she is unemotional about her father's death and he tells her "sometimes the abused become the abusers." Fleur tries to frame local gypsies for the murder and other locals. Her mother also knows she killed her husband and she hated him anyway and only wants his money, both her and Fleur try to get his money and eventually there is enough evidence that Fleur killed her father, so Barnaby summons all witnesses to the police station and hears Fleur's story of the murder. He takes pity on her knowing she was abused and says rather than being imprisoned or incarcerated she could just be rehabilitated in another home.


Fleur was undoubtedly considered the village bombshell because of her beauty and elegance. She was very eager for power and recognition and she hated her father but put up with his abuse until she could take it no more. Fleur was very deceptive and conniving, and despite having the guts to kill her own father, she cowardly pinned the blame on gypsies, who she inevitably saw as lowlifes because of her upper class upbringing. Fleur was a great con artist, having fooled numerous people and she had a warped view of the situation with herself as a victim when she cruelly turned tables and gunned down her own father.