Flatnose is a minor antagonist in the Inkheart book series and the 2008 adventure-sci fi film adaption of the same name. He is an incompetent henchman of Capricorn. As his name implies, he is a fat and idiotic minion with an ugly flat nose.

He was portrayed by Steve Spiers.


Flatnose serves as one Capricorn's followers in the story book world of Inkheart and he is often afraid of him because he is mean.

When after Capriocorn was freed from his world and entered the real world, he then forces Darius to call forth all of his minions. Flatnose was among them but like the others, his face was distorted and marked with written words from the story.

Basta with Cockerell and Flatnose came to Fenoglio's house and captured the author and Meggie too, along with Toto from The Wizard of Oz and took them back to the castle at Capricorn's village. Flatnose grew cheerfully attached to the dog because it was cute but his master Capriocorn does not like him.

When the Shadow was unleashed and later was out of control, Meggie rewrites the words from Inkheart and read them out to punish and erase all of Capricorn and his cohorts. Both Flatnose and Cockerell were among those destroyed.


Flatnose has a distorted face because of Darius' stumbling. He despises all Silvertongues, but makes advantage of them.