Flash Ingrams are one of the Mag Mel's creations that appear in the arc 1 of Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, they had dragon face rather than an humanoid bird. They are evolution of the Ingram line of Bakugan. Flash Ingrams are also rulers of the sky. A Flash Ingram is specialized in swooping down on its opponents with powerful aerial assaults. Flash Ingrams are the first Bakugan to utilize more than one kind of BakuNano device.


The Flash Ingrams are created by Mag Mel who serves them to brainwash the human brawlers like The Bash Brothers, both of them own their Flash Ingrams from Pyrus and Darkus to defeat an member of the Battle Brawlers.

The Flash Ingrams are summoned by Sellon to defeat Dan and Drago, but they was all defeated by Zenthon, Drago and Dan.

Later, all of Flash Ingrams, Iron Dragonoids and Cyclone Percivals invade the Interspace Bakugan by destroying each planets they find of their paths, but they was defeated by Helios and Spectra Phantom.

They are among the many Chaos Bakugan defeated by Mercury Dragonoid, Mutant Taylean, and Mutant Helios.

In the end of Arc 1 The Final Takedown, all of Chaos Bakugan, Mechtogan clones, Flash Ingrams and Mechtogan Titan clones waged fierce battles against protagonists but disappeared because of the defeat of Mag Mel and Razenoid due to the evolved Drago. Flash Ingrams were never seen again. It is never made clear whether the entire species disappeared or if the species is not strictly associated with Mag Mel.