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Flap was a secondary villain in Broken Sword: The Shadow of The Templars and Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon.


In his first appearance, Flap is a large, French man with grey hair. He is the muscles of the two. He wore a green suit with a white shirt and red tie and a grey combat hat.


Broken Sword 1

Flap is first seen as the partner/sidekick of Guido, and the pair of them are staking out the Hotel Ubu for Khan or anyone else who may be smuggling the manuscript out of the hotel. He is revealed to be working along for the Neo-Templars along with Guido. Both are present during the attempted museum heist. He was seen on the train where he got knocked off it by Khan. It's presumed he died then.

Broken Sword 3

We once again come across Flap who is still employed by the Neo-Templars, now headed by Susarro. He is knocked out multiple times during the game, and eventually this causes his possible death at the Armillary in Egypt due to the collapse.

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