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Flameu is the main antagonist in Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. She is a traveler and Alchemist of Geosis (The Unexplored Ruins) after becoming it's elementary body. She is voiced by Kana Akutsu.


Hundreds of years ago, Flameu once researched the ruins together with Clone and many others. She pointed out that with any human presence, there would never be any correct results in her research. Angered by the humans disagreements about cooperating with her, Flameu took the ruins to the sky to the point of isolation and decided to find a way to keep the earth from dying on her own. After making a promise to Clone about her return, she had apparently lost her memory and tried to rely on Geosis and then considered it her reason for living.

In the game

Flameu was not seen or mentioned until the 4th year; however, she did appear in a stone lithograph and "The Great Adventure of the Bumblebee Princess" picture book.

By the time the ruins were explored, Flameu had summoned Gullveig to fight off Escha and Logy. Afterwards, Flameu resorted into making the ruins collapse on the ground. There, flowers bloomed in the place where the ruins fell down. After her defeat, Clone and Nio had appeared to remind her of who she really was. After getting her memories back, Flameu had given Escha a flower seed and promised that they would watch it bloom one day.