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Quick! Ten years ago, this happened once as well. His Majesty must be in grave danger! Quick, quick, go protect his Majesty!
~ The servants

Five royal servants of King Clayde are minor antagonists of Coiling Dragon series, being King Clayde's guardians and pawns of the Radiant Church.


As Linley begins his assasination attempts, the five servants are all inside Finlay Castle. Suddenly, the Snow Lion, Clayde's pet beast, awakes from its slumber and roars. This marks a sign that the king himself is in danger, and it quickly alarms the servants. After, the servants loose the lion, and then they march to Linley's house to stop him.

Non-canoncial appearances

In a non-canoncial event in comics, known as The Mass Fight, the five servants, alongside a hundred royal soldiers, joins Clayde's fight against Heidens along, but they are all defeated.

Notable members


Lord Kaiser is the only named servant of the five, and the leader of the team. He is also one of the most powerful combatants of the Kingdom of Finlay. There were only a total of two combatants of the ninth level who had pledged loyalty to the kingdom, with one being King Clayde himself, and the other being Kaiser.

In comics, he is described as a middle-aged beard man who always wears black hood with red marks on it.


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