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Fitz is the main antagonist of the 2015 film Lost In Oz. He is voiced by Alexander Polinsky.

He is an evil sorcerer who desires to turn a train station into his own magic castle.


In history, he gets the magical secrets from Ojo and turns him into stone. Later, he is seen telling Dorothy about the magics, just so she will be curious and he will be able to complete his objective. He later sends the evil monkeys to get the Dorothy so he will be able to take from her the crystal. It is revealed he is a dark sorcerer who seeks to create a dark castle, and marry the dark fairy West. However, when West goes against him for Dorothy, he turns her into a statue. Near the end, he has the crystal and Dorothy, not giving up her friends, destroys the crystal and Fitz escapes standing on top of a driving subway train. He presumably gets arrested for his actions.

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