Fistrick is a villain in the animated TV series, Ben 10: Omniverse.  
Fistrick Render


Fistrick has an orange mohawk with black and white paint around his face. He is muscular and wears a black sleeveless shirt also with a skull on it. He dons purple tattoos all over his body and wears arm braces, leg braces, wrist bands, knee pads, orange pants, and silver shoes with black spikes on them.


Fistrick is a small time crime lord and arms dealer operating out of Bellwood. He operates by stealing alien technology, strongly implying to have killed the previous owner, reverse engineering it, using Megawhatts to power it, and selling it to the highest bidder. Ben Tennysonand Rook Blonko caught wind of the project when they attempted to bring in one of his thugs, Corvo, for questioning and released his Megawatts.

Ben and Rook followed the Megawatts back to Fistrick's hideout where they fought his thugs and after defeating them Fistrick himself in his Class 12 Armored Mecha Suit. Ben used Gravattack to defeat Fistrick by holding him still for Rook to shoot his Megawatts off of him. Fistrick was subsequently taken into custody by the Plumbers but was shortly thereafter either released or escaped.

Fistrick later acquired a planet destroying satellite weapon and positioned it near Revonnah so that he could use the planet's Amber Ogia as fuel for the weapon. He went to the planet and trained the local Muroids to steal the Amber Ogia for him as well as pilots for his mecha-harvesters. Ben and Rook discovered the plot while visiting Rook's family on Revonnah.

Fistrick brought Ben to his satellite intending to kill him with it but Ben narrowly escaped the death trap and defeated Fistrick and the Muroids as Kickin Hawk while Rook rallied his people and defeated the Muroids.


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