The Fishtionary is a minor villainess from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

She is the antagonist in Fishy Business. She is a purple female fish who tricked the 3 Sea Judges and the Octopus from thinking the Bagges were the enemies. The Octopus sends Di Lung away and the 3 Sea Judges told the Octopus to put red gils on the Bagges to make them breath in water, until they will turn into fishes. Courage fights the Octopus and wraps his face and attackes his tentacles on the giant fish bowl with the Bagges in it and on the marine truck. The 3 Sea Judges and their Lobsters see Courage driving away. Courage got back to his house and he sees Fishtionary who has cheated on other marine creatures and the 3 Sea Judges see her with Courage and Courage and the Judges get shocked.

One Judge dryed up and they tell the Octopus to release the Bagges and Courage takes the red gils off of the Bagges. The Sea Judges and the Lobsters tell the Octopus to put the Fishtionary to her bowl. He grabs the Fishtionary and throws her in the fish bowl.