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Fish Eye

Fish Eye aka Fisheye.

Fisheye, present!
~ Fisheye

Fish Eye, or Fisheye, is one of the members of the Amazon Trio who served Zirconia. She was once a fish, turned into a human by Zirconia. She attacks by throwing knives, shooting a water beam, and trapping enemies inside a fish net. Unlike Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye, Fisheye's monsters are male, as are her targets. Fisheye was a man in the Japanese version, and was changed into a female in the English dub and every other dub due to homosexuality. Fish Eye hates cats, and her hands are dragonish and have claws.

Fish Eye's latest target was Darien (Mamoru Chiba), but he rejected her. Serena Tsukino (Usagi) found her in the rain and invited her over to her room, where she soon discovered that she was Sailor Moon. He also discovered that Rini (Chibiusa) was the holder of Pegasus. Fish Eye was the first to question whether what they were doing was right and if Zirconia truly intended for them to remain human, as the Amazon Trio do not have dream mirrors.

When Zirconia came to suspect Serena as being the one whose dreams Pegasus was hiding in (as she was spying on Fisheye and Serena, and Fish Eye said he knew who they were looking for), he sent Hawk's Eye after her, and Fisheye tried to stop him, but one of the Amazon Quartet, Para Para, sent a monster named Mr. Magic Pierrot to eliminate them on Zirconia's orders. Hawk's Eye sacrificed himself to save Fish Eye from him after he destroyed Serena's dream mirror, so Fish Eye and Tiger's Eye gave up the power that made them human in order to rebuild the dream mirror. Both of them died and, along with Hawk's Eye, returned to their original forms. Pegasus revived them, restored their human forms, gave them dream mirrors, and sent them to Elysion.


  • Some sources spell her name Fisheye, some, like the back of a VHS case, spell it Fish Eye (although it has also called the Dark Moon circus by its Japanese name, the Dead Moon Circus). This alternate spelling to names is shared by Neflite, whose name is also spelled Nephlite.
  • Fish Eye is the second male character in the Japanese version to be changed to a woman in the dub because of homosexuality, the first being Zoycite/Zoisite.
  • Fish Eye is one of the first Sailor Moon villians to figure out Sailor Moon's true identity.
  • Fish Eye is the fourth Sailor Moon villain to redeem then die, proceeding after NephriteSaphir, and Prince Diamond.


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