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The First Mate is the secondary antagonist in the play Skool and Crossbones.


The First Mate is the right-hand man of Captain George and is described as "never leaving his side". He calls George "The Famous, Ferocius, Feared, Fantastic, Fripperous... The one and only Captain George"; however, he only calls him it once. Her also tells the islanders "the rules", which include:

  • Captain George being in charge
  • The first mate being his "number two"
  • No church services ever, "especially on Sundays"
  • No lessons or homework
  • And chocolate sauce being served at every meal

He is next seen having a pep talk by his boss and is also seen discussing tactics with him but is scared by Cuffee and Quashie until it is discovered they are actually intruders and so they capture them. At sunset, a war is declared, which results in the the pirates being victorius until Ol'Manbo comes out, reveals herself as the headmistress which they have made walk the plank and they go back to being schoolkids again. But they also reform Ol'Manbo.


The First Mate is extremely loyal to his boss and is described as "never leaving his side". Whereas the pirates actually follow Captain George. the First Mate is more respected.

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