You are a strong warrior, Raptor. I'm glad I have as part of my army.
~ Firelight to Raptor

Firelight was an abusive leader who served as the leader for the ground forces on Halo. He also acted like Ragath's second in command. He is the quarantary antagonist of Rise of the Spartans.


After Ragath destroyed the nearby ship to kill his master, Raptor became angered by this and rushed at Ragath. Ragath then became the new leader and put Firelight in charge of the ground forces as well as placing Thel and Raptor as Firelight's servants. 

Firelight was stationed at the Spire on Halo and Ocelot teleported to the Spire. Ocelot attempted to escape but Raptor knocked him down with his energy sword. Firelight ordered for Ocelot to be executed the next day. During Ocelot's execution, Raptor appeared in Active Camoflauge in a Revenant and rescued Ocelot from his death.

Back at the Spire, Raptor and Ocelot attempted to defeat Firelight in a sword battle but failed and were defeated. Thel then appeared to report that he failed his mission, Firelight then insulted Thel. While can't taking more of Firelight's mouth, Thel grabbed Firelight behind the back and knocked him off the Spire which killed him.

After Swift used Cassi to revive everybody who died on Halo, Firelight was revived. Once Ragath was finally killed and his forces were defeated, Firelight was imprisoned by the Elites.