Fire Kong is a gorilla monster whose real name was Saruwatari, a karate savant and Dogma agent. His powers include super strength (exhibited in human form in being able to break a moving car) and a volatile flamethrower attached to his head.


Learning of the Super-1 project while posing as a NASA scientist he kidnaps Dr. Henry to coerce him to work with the Dogma Kingdom and use Super-1 as their new weapon of mass destruction. Refusing cooperation he is tasked to destroy the project, assassinating all NASA members relevant to it including Dr. Henry himself. He later travels back to Japan from the USA and establishes a martial arts dojo, forcefully seizing district property by intimidation from his dojo students. His students flee upon his monstrous identity being exposed from a beatdown by Oki Kazuya in human form. He was destroyed by Super-1's Whirlwind Super Kick.

He was later revived as part of the Dogma Revenge Corps and destroyed by Kamen Rider Stronger.