The Fire Demon is a bad guy from the cult BBC game show Raven. He operates under an eponymous challenge ("Fire Demon"), and acts as a wall for the route Raven's tournament takes.

Challenge gameplay

The Fire Demon stands guard in a path Raven leads his warriors across to progress through their tournament. Raven says everybody has to face him in his challenge, if they are to pass. He tells the warriors that the Quickfire (the giant fireball the Demon controls with his fingers) can blind a warrior or reduce them to ashes if they get too close to it, so they'll have to play this challenge blindfolded.

After being blindfolded, Raven leads the warrior to the Fire Demon, and gives the warrior an Ice Staff, which they need to use to destroy the Quickfire before it destroys them. If they hit the Quickfire with their Ice Staff, they will gain a gold Treasure Ring; if the fireball hits the warrior, they disappear in fire and lose a life.


  • Off-screen, the Quickfire is actually a giant water balloon moved around over the warrior's head on wires. Its direction to the crane operator was indicated by the actor in the Demon's outfit; where he moved his hands, the balloon followed.
    • A use of CGI was necessitated to make the balloon appear fiery.
  • Despite this challenge's well-thought-of concept of having to see without seeing, this Raven-ised game of piñata was not very popular (along with a bad use of CGI), which explains why it was only used in season 2 (an attempt was made to salvage this challenge briefly in season 6).