FireExe 500

FireMan.EXE (Also called TorchMan.EXE in the Manga and in the Anime) is one of the antagonists of the Mega Man Battle Network/NT Warrior series, he was one of MegaMan.Exe rivals and the partner of Mr. Match.


In the games, he first appeared as an enemy which MegaMan.Exe was able to defeat, after their first fight they became rivals.

He later was infected by the Zero virus and tried to burn the net, but he was defeated again by MegaMan.

His later appearances would be as the final opponent of the D-Class tourney and as an opponent to BurnerMan.

In the Anime, he first rampaged in the net by releasing flames and virus, however they were stopped and destroyed by MegaMan.Exe, after the event he escaped.

He later fought with MegaMan and was outclassed by his power, to have a chance to reach his level, FireMan trained himself and was able to easily defeat Rool, but he still wasn't able to defeat the blue bomber.

In the NetCity saga he fought with FreezeMan and ended up defeated and deleted, his remaining data would be fused with that of HeatMan and was able to become stronger than before, however he reverted back to FireMan.Exe when MegaMan was fighting against VineMan.