Fiona was a minor recurring antagonist in American Horror Story Season 1.

She is portrayed by Azura Skye.


Fiona arrived at the door using a ploy similar to Franklin's original lure. She appears to be bleeding at the head and claims an attacker outside. She pleads with Vivien to let her in. Initially, Vivien resists, going to phone the police before letting her in; she discovers the phone missing from the charging station in the kitchen, and bids an angsty Violet to lock herself in her room and call the police from her phone. Vivien returns to the door to warn Fiona, with a candlestick in hand; when she looks through the peephole again, Fiona is wearing a mask.

Fiona took charge of Violet, designating her as "Gladys". She also produces an ashtray, authenticated as the one used in the original incident. She is very concerned about the recreation being perfect. Violet is able to briefly escape, where Tate tells her to get the intruders into the basement. When they head upstairs, Violet taunts her, saying that she is unaware that the original bathtub was moved downstairs in a remodel, spoiling Fiona's idea of perfection. The two go down to verify, leaving an ailing Bianca behind. Violet escapes again, and Fiona comes face to face with Tate and Gladys. She is subsequently found soaking wet (presumably drowned), with her throat slit.

Later, Fiona's Ghost several times throughout the season:

  1. At one point, Fiona's ghost reappears to Violet in the basement.
  2. Fiona & Dallas appear to scare Vivien inside her car when she and Violet were trying to escape the house.
  3. Fiona & Dallas help Hayden to murder Ben by hanging him by the neck with a rope and making it look like a suicide.