Finn Mikaelson is a minor antagonist of the Vampire Diaries as well as a protagonist villain and one of the main antagonists of its spin off TV show The Vampire Diaries known as "The Originals", where he serves as the secondary antagonist of the first half of the second season and the main antagonist of the second half.

He was portrayed by ?.

Finn has shown to be close and loyal to his mother, Esther, and will even go through with her plans to kill his siblings and has shown to be more moral than Elijah.

Finn has currently gone back to his roots as a warlock as he possesses an African-American warlock, Vincent Graffith.

He has aided Esther on her diabolical plan to get Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah to possess mortals and become witches again so that they can be a "family again".

Finn has shown to be cunning, ruthless, moral and loyal.

He has currently fallen prey to his anti-villainous half-brother, Klaus.

Now, him and Mikael have teamed up to destroy Klaus and his allies.