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Finn Cooley was a former IRA soldier and terrorist.


He ran an active service unit in Londonberry from 1986 to 1993, at which point he was jailed for murder. After for five years imprisonment, Finn was released as part of the Good Friday Agreement.

Before his arrest, Finn suffered a accident when attempting to rig a bomb at a Belfast police station which had gone off too soon, severely disfiguring his upper face. Forcing him to wear a plastic mask that kept the flesh of his ruined face from falling off. Finn left Ireland and move to the United States. There he met Nesbitt and exchanged weapons with drugs with him but they never liked each other.

When Nesbitt passed away, Finn was given a last will message from Nesbitt which called for giving away his wealth to Finn and their associates. Finn saw to personally gaining Nesbitt's fortune by killing the others in which he came into conflict with the Punisher after setting a bomb off too early in Hell's Kitchen. Finn died because of a bomb set up by Nesbitt.


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