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Finis everglot

Finis Everglot

There's an eye in me soup
~ Finis Everglot's famous quote.

Finis Everglot was the tertiary antagonist of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, he is the father of Victoria Everglot. He is a lord—according to background materials, he is descended from a Grand Duke. He is married to Maudeline Everglot. Sour and grumpy, one of his first reactions to upset is to call for his musket which he planned to use against Victor for supposedly disgracing them. He loathes having to marry his daughter to the son of a fish merchant, but recognizes the Van Dorts have money they desperately need.

So like many a selfish parent he arranged his daughter's marriage against her will to loathsome Lord Barkis Bittern who seemed like a good investment.

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