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The Finis Demons

The Finis Demons

The Finis Demons are a legion of low class demons that serves as enemies in Devil May Cry 2.

Each of these Finis Demon is an iron gibbet containing a human criminal's skeleton which is animated by such dark energies. The same cages that were used to bind and starve the criminals on Dumary Island, are now part of the same condemned individuals that returned from beyond the grave as bloodthirsty, undead skeletal devils seeking to attack people in the world of the living.

The Finis Demons wields different weapons at their disposal such as a pair giant cleavers, a pair of saw-edged shields, and a single long sword.

Known Finis Demons


The Agonofinis (Latin for "Bounded Agony") are the bone-white Finis Demons that are brought to life by their "unfathomable agony".


The Terreofinis (Latin for "Bounded Terror") are the steel-gray Finis Demons that are animated by their "ineffable terror".


The Mortfinis (Latin for "Bounded Death") are the bloody-red Finis Demons that are revived by their "ruthless death".



  • Gibbeting is an execution method used on pirates, thieves, and highwaymen which involves encasing the criminal within a small iron cage after they were hanged. The corpse would later be hung up from a post to discourage people from committing similar crimes. In some cases, the criminal was kept alive so they would die of thirst.

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