Finé (フィーネ Fīne) was a religious scientist and researcher of relics and ancient heretical technology with control of the Noise. She was the main antagonist of season one of Senki Zesshō Symphogear, working in the shadows to bring an end to the Curse of Balal and become the supreme ruler of the world.


Finé is a tall woman with long white-blonde hair that goes past her hips, styled in a hime cut that parts into two "curtains" down her back; gold serpentine eyes; slightly tan skin (white in season two and onwards); and red or pink lipstick, or otherwise emphasized lips. When possessing a host, she usually takes her host's appearance, but can also change their body to look like her original whenever she pleases. She can also transform partially by giving her host the eyes of her original form, or her original form the eyes of her hosts.

At home, Finé prefers to be unclothed, wearing only a pair of lace-trimmed translucent black elbow gloves, butterfly lace-trimmed translucent black thighhighs, black heels with maroon soles, and a black belt choker with a butterfly emblem on the front. When necessary, Finé covers herself with a loose long-sleeved black V-neck dress that reaches just past her pelvis, and a black bowler hat with a butterfly ornament and a purple ribbon rose attached. She also wears round black sunglasses with a dark tint that obscures her eyes at one point. It can be assumed that she wears these clothes in part to hide her similarity to Ryōko Sakurai, her host at the time.

In the past and as a spirit, Finé is seen in a priestess outfit consisting of a white hood with a short cloak, a long white skirt, a "knot" at the center where several teal-striped white strips originate to loop around her front and arms, and gold necklaces adorned with jewelry of different colours.


Lurking in the genes of people throughout the world, Finé's true form is a revived priestess from a prehistoric civilization who is awakened by the Aufwachen waveform. Many of Finé's descendants exist throughout the world, however, she can only exist within one of them at a time. Finé has appeared at multiple points in human history across thousands of years, constantly working to destroy the observation and language-scrambling device put in place by the Custodian, the moon, so that she may put an end to the Curse of Balal and become the supreme ruler of the world. She began research into relics and heretical technology in order to achieve her goals, until she settled on the plan of building the particle ion cannon called Kadingir (named after the Sumerian term for "a tower to the heavens") as the key component of her ultimate goal. According to the keywords for season two, Finé prepared the Frontier and the Nephilim ahead of time so that she could survive the chaos caused by the destruction of the moon.

Finé awakened in the body of Ryōko Sakurai twelve years before the story, when Ryōko was exposed to the Aufwachen wavelength given off by the Ame no Habakiri awakened by Tsubasa's singing, causing Ryōko's soul to be devoured by Finé. Finé began to put her plans in place, developing and creating the Symphogear under the guise of Ryōko to secure funding from the government for her to build Kadingir in the elevator shaft for Division Two's underground facility. Ten years before the story, Finé stole the second relic Ichaival for her purposes, disarming Division Two of one of its Symphogear; this incident caused Fudō Kazanari, the current commander of Division Two at the time, to resign from his position, with Genjūrō Kazanari stepping up to take his place.

Two years before the story, Chris Yukine was rescued from child sex trafficking by the UN and transferred to Division Two as a candidate for the Symphogear. Finé kidnapped Chris once she arrived in Japan, hoping to groom her into a tool to use to further her plans. Though many agents, Genjūrō included, were sent to find Chris, Finé foiled all their efforts and made several die or even disappear. Thus, the search for Chris was called off. Since then, Chris has been living in isolation with Finé in Finé's mansion, where she suffers regular sexual abuse and torture at Finé's hands, yet cannot bring herself to leave, as Finé is the only person who (Chris thinks) understands her, and to leave her would mean to be all alone once again.

Sometime after kidnapping Chris, Finé orchestrated the attack on the Zwei Wing concert to steal the Nehushtan Armor and kill Kanade, the strongest Symphogear user at the time. Finé waited until sufficient phonic gain was collected for the armor to awaken before making her move, sabotaging the experiment to destroy the laboratory in what looked like a sudden spike of power causing the sudden but fatal accident. At the same time, Finé unleashed Noise into the stage and audience, causing mass destruction and killing Kanade, but unknowingly empowering a young Hibiki with the broken fragments of Gungnir from Kanade's armor.

During the two year gap, Finé gave Chris the stolen Ichaival, as Chris could harness the power of the Symphogear whereas Finé could not, and presumably trained her how to use the Ichaival in battle. Finé later obtained Solomon's Cane from the American government, whom she was collaborating with to obtain relics and information, and then instructed Chris to awaken Solomon's Cane with her song, a process which took half a year according to Chris. Using Solomon's Cane, Finé caused further chaos by creating Noise attacks throughout the nearby area around the Division to try and coax the Division into transferring the fifth relic Durandal to a safer place, when Finé would step in and steal it and use Chris to awaken it so that it could be used as a battery for Kadingir.

This is the current stage of Finé's plan when Hibiki arrives in Lydian and awakens Gungnir; Hibiki immediately attracts Finé's attention, as she is a unique specimen fusing with a relic, something never heard of before. As she is unable to fully act on her own yet, due to needing to be at the Division as Ryōko, Finé sends Chris to kidnap Hibiki in her place, hoping to obtain Hibiki as a specimen for experimentation and dissection. Finé loans Chris the Nehushtan Armor to use for this mission, as Chris refuses to use the Ichaival due to her hatred of singing.


  • She is the only relic user who hasn't sung a song of any kind. In-universe, this is because Finé is actually incapable of using the Symphogear, forcing her to manipulate others in her place (such as Chris with her Ichaival) and use relics that don't require song, such as the Nehushtan Armor. This is ironic, since Finé was the one who created the Symphogear system in the first place.
    • Though Finé does not have a character song like the rest of the main characters, she does have a couple of personal leitmotifs on the soundtrack, titled "Owari no Na wo Motsu Mono" (終わりの名を持つ者 lit. "The One with the Name of the End") and Horobi no Seibo (滅びの聖母 lit. "The Holy Mother of Perdition").
  • She, Ryoko, and Shirabe all share a similar hairstyle.
  • Finé is associated with butterflies, which are a symbol of rebirth or transformation. Butterfly symbols can be found all over her various clothing and attire.
  • According to the bonus page of volume 2 of the manga, Finé would torture Chris with a low current to "cure" her shoulder pains caused by her large breasts. Both the manga and anime keywords state that Chris was also tortured to removed the Nehushtan's corrosion from her body to stop her fusing with the relic like Hibiki and later Finé herself. The keywords state that Finé chose electrocution specifically because of her sadism and belief that "pain is the only thing that connects the hearts of people". The anime shows various other torture devices in Finé's home, such as an iron chair; it can be inferred that Finé has also used these to torture Chris as well.
  • In season 3, Carol Malus Dienheim reveals that Finé created the practice of alchemy. It can be inferred that Finé's non-relic extraordinary abilities thus stem from this.
  • Funimation's sub of season one translated Finé's name as "Phine". Crunchyroll and all other official English materials use "Finé".
  • Finé has some resemblance to a classic witch in her black dress and hat.
  • One of the titles of Finé's leitmotifs contains the word "聖母", which literally means "holy mother", but can also be read as "Virgin Mary". (Notably, the full soundtrack title goes on to call her the Virgin Mary of Perdition, which is a state of eternal damnation where sinners pass through after death.) On the other hand, when Finé becomes the Red Dragon of Revelations, Genjuro refers to her as "the scarlet woman, Babalon". Notably, both of these women are mothers, but Mary is a symbol of virginity and purity whereas Babalon represents female sexual impulse and the liberated woman. Babalon is also further related to the "whore of Babylon", a female figure associated with evil.
  • Though Finé says she built a tower to reach God in Heaven, the image shown during her explanation in season 1 episode 11 depicts a structure that looks more like a spiraling staircase than a tower.
  • Finé shares many similarities with Lusamine from Pokémon Sun & Moon. Both Finé and Lusamine have similar designs (white-skinned with long blonde hair in hime cuts, and yellow eyes) and clothes (short dresses with stockings and high heels). Both are self-centered, sadistic to an extent, abusive to the teenagers in their care (though Finé and Chris are not blood-related) which they throw away when they become useless to them, and whom eventually turn on them and play a crucial role in their defeat; both are obsessed with the idea of another world (Lusamine with Ultra Space and Finé with the world she will rule), head scientists of a large organization that secretly dabble in unethical experimentation, started their research and thus descent into villainy because of the loss of a loved male figure (Lusamine her husband and Finé the god she worshipped), become fused during their final battle with the protagonist(s) (Lusamine with Nihilego, Finé with the three complete relics of Durandal, Nehushtan, and Solomon's Cane), and harness control over their series' mascot monsters (Lusamine Pokémon, Finé Noise).