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Title: CAPTAiN ZOMViE Artist: ぴずや (Pizuya)

Guitars: ぴずや
Keyboards: Godwood
Bass: ぴずや
Drums: 通天

Circle: Pizuya's Cell Album: Violet Lotus Requiem Original: 幽霊客船の時空を越えた旅 (Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship) Website: Event: Comicket 79

"Aren't journeys great? I feel the most excited when I'm riding on a vessel. Even if it's the ship of the infamous ghost captain who sinks lots of other ships. I mixed anticipation and anxiety together as much as I could when making this song, trying to give it a sense of excitement." -ZUN

When I first heard "Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship", I just couldn't stop listening for like an hour or so. It's a really addictive song, and by some reason it really remembered songs from "Banjo Kazooie" game. Sounds strange, but if you have played those games before, and you thought the music had it's own charm, I'm sure the last comment wasn't that odd.

But anyway, as much as I enjoyed, I couldn't stop thinking what metal circle was going to be the brave to arrange this song in metal. You see, I have always considered that there are Touhou songs made for metal, and there are others that they just simply won't work. I consider "Suwa Foughten Field" to be perfect for metal arrange, or "A tiny tiny clever commander", but "Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship" was something I considered it didn't fit the requirements.

Oh but this Japanese people love to prove me wrong, and how grateful I am for that. On the past event, Pizuya returned with a whole new album, and to be honest a whole new improvement on his work. While I enjoy the guitar work he does, it has been though for me to accept him in my collection. The reason of this varies from album to album, but there was something always ruining the whole metal vibe he did. His obsession on using vocals is one of the mayor problems, I think it has been clearly stated how picky I am with those. But another thing I always find quite disturbing was the keyboards. The sound wasn't the best, and it kinda herd like old keyboards blend with some powerful metal. It really wasn't in my cup of tea.

But now, after quite some time absent, Pizuya demonstrate that there are no boundaries in music and learning. If I had to define this song in one word, it would be.....wait I can't. That's the problem with this song, it is so damn good, that can't be explained in text, and less in a few lines. First of all, the guitar work is incredibly strong. Powerful, crunchy and very delightful, as the EQ of each instrument is perfect. But there are 2 particular things that make this song....THE song.

The keyboards = wow. Perfection, the chilling string intro is beyond imaginable. It indeed send you chills to the back of your spine, and while they can be a little bit loud, they have the adequate volume to cause the effect they desire. To my surprise, it is Godwood behind those keyboards, the one who has been with Pizuya all this long. So I don't think if there was some kind of talk between the two of them, but everything seems vastly improved from previous records. And the second thing of course is...the vocals. I'm glad that the vocal work on albums are making a huge progress. This is the way to go, this should be the standard when someone is adding vocals to the metal work. So perfect, so damn gorgeous.

Pizuya, in the name of this humble channel, I take my hat off and I bow to your effort on this album. Keep on this vibe, as for me, this album is your best work, and the most accreted direction you could have ever took.

Thanks for watching.


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