Thank you, my friend.

Don't worry.
I am a professional.
And the pain...
...won't last...
...for long...
~ Filbert

Filbert is a male, anthropomorphic squirrel employed as head doctor of the Metal Glen research facility.

Personality and Behavior

Normally, Filbert is shown to have a very docile, authentic, submissive, and amenable attitude, and often treats others with respect and even often give in to any demands himself if it means he will get what he wants. However, if anyone of them should disobey one of his direct orders, he will fall into an awful fury, turning into something much different than his normal self. Or depending on the severity, he will use his authority and cunning to get the deed done; if that is impossible, he will often berate, blame, and vituperate them, using what he can to turn the subject against themself.

He has been shown to easily and perfectly be able to fake emotions, such as sympathy, and gain others' trust and respect to get what he wants also. It appears that Bella and Red—once committed — were the only ones to be able to see through him.

Cruelty in the Name of Science

You're infected. Most everyone here has succumbed to the infection... Except for me.
~ Filbert

Being "Clean"

Despite obvious contradictions, Filbert believes he is the only "clean" and untouched by the "infection". During Ruby Quest, it was shown that he had cut off his own right hand to supposedly stop the spread. Also, when Ruby was of no further use to him at the time, he had attempted to "cut out the bad" from her. Furthermore,</span> when Ruby and Tom had tooked in his desk drawer, they had found bloody chunks of flesh likely to be the "bad" he cut out from other patients.

You have to stay here now. You can't go to the surface. You can't escape; you are infected, you are BAD! ...Stay here while I get my tools from the medicine cabinet. I am going to cut your badness OUT!
~ Filbert

Other Cruelty

In keeping with the orders of my superiors, I have ordered ♠ to euthanize subject #2, "Maddie". I do not falter in this action, for I know this is not murder. Subject #2 will return. And we will obtain further results. ♠ does not falter, either. He has always been, loyal, unquestioning.

With the proper anesthetic, she will not even feel pain.

It is a great day.
~ One of Filbert's notes

Even before the ravenous, outbreak of violence in the facility; Filbert had been experimenting personally with #2 (Maddie) and #8 (Daisy), testing the reanimating effects of the "cure". Apparently, when #2's results were met with death, he showed little to no compassion or regret, only optimism that the results of #8 would prove more favorable.

(Something else to note is that in one of The Weaver's semi-discontinuities; along with the experimenting, Filbert had apparently been sexually abusing them, as well—at least by Daisy's account).

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