~ Fiero casting his spell to transform people into stone.

Fiero is an evil wizard who appears in the Disney Channel animated series Elena of Avalor, serving as the main antagonist of the episode Spellbound.

He was voiced by Héctor Elizondo.


He was the rival of Alacazar, as they both competed to be the next Royal Wizard for the royal family of Avalor. When Alacazar was chosen, Fiero swore revenge on him and the Royal Family and became a malvago (a wizard fallen to the dark side).

Several days following the defeat of Queen Shuriki, Fiero returns as he plots to steal the Maru Codex, a magic book that contain one of the most ancient yet powerful spells throughout the land, as it happens to be in the possession of Alacazar and that he's passing it over to his grandson Mateo as the new Royal Wizard. After tricking Gabe into letting him in by putting his name onto the visitor list, Fiero searched Avalor Castle for the Codex while turning a guard into stone. However, Mateo catches up to Fiero's presence, but Fiero turns everyone in the castle into stone, except for Elena and her friends (thanks a dome spell that Mateo casted).

As Mateo tells Elena and the gang about Fiero's past, they read through Alacazar's notebook to find clues about the location of the Codex, so that they can use it to reverse Fiero's spell. Following the instructions, Mateo and the other manage to locate the Codex hidden at the Avalor Bay. However, Fiero reveals to have been following the gang the entire time, as he knew that they would figure out the location in order to reverse his spell.

Fiero threatens to turn Elena and the others into stone unless Mateo hands over the Codex, promising that he would leave. Mateo reluctantly does so, but Fiero reneges on his word by stealing the potion that was needed to reverse the spell. However, Mateo manages to reclaim the potion and gives it to Elena before engaging into a fight with Fiero. At first, Fiero seems to get the upper hand, but as he is about to turn Mateo into stone, Mateo uses his wand to rebound the spell back at Fiero, permanently turning him into stone and ending his plot of terror for good. The kids later use the potion to reverse Fiero's spell to turn everyone in the castle back to normal.

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